The Beginning
We were so excited when we first got the keys to the "shop." Then we realized just how much work had to be done. As you look through the pictures, you will see the progress. Our son Russell has spent many hours working on the place. Our older son, Matt, also moved with his family to Eureka to work in the shop for awhile. It has been a lot of fun watching it take shape. Enjoy the pictures!
On Saturday, June 9th, 2012 we moved locations from 1662 Myrtle Avenue to 1117-C Myrtle Avenue right up the street. It was a very busy weekend but we managed to close on Friday in our old store and open back up on Monday in our new store. Thank you so much to all the volunteers that helped, we couldn't have done it without you!
Grand Opening!
August 5, 2008
Opening a business in this economy can be challenging; it was no different in August of 2008. Yet when you feel inspired and led, it is motivating. We are an average couple who had a vision. 

As you read through the various pages of this journey, you will have an idea of how Broese's Uniforms came to be. It has been a huge faith walk. We hope you enjoy the story and perhaps it will inspire you to step out into doing something you've always wanted to do!
The Big Move