September 4, 1974 - July 07, 2009
In Memory Of
The Broese Family was deeply saddened by the sudden loss of their dear friend, Ben Nord. Ben was instrumental in inspiring us to open a uniform shop. Back in March of 2008, Andy had gone into the Sheriff's Office and was speaking to Ben. Out of the blue, Ben said to Andy, "You know what you need to do?" Andy said, "What?" Ben replied, "You need to open a uniform shop" and after a short pause, "And it needs to be in Myrtletowne." Andy was blown away because he and Cindy were just talking to some friends about that very thing the evening before, even the location. Andy asked Ben, "Why did you say that?" Ben said, "Oh, I don't know. I just thought of it." The next day Andy and Cindy drove to Myrtletowne just to see what might be available. There was a "For Lease" sign in the window of what is now Broese's Uniforms! Andy and Cindy truly believed God spoke through Ben that day.
Over the months, following signing the lease, Ben came around often and was so encouraging and the friendship grew. On our Grand Opening, Ben really wanted to be the first customer. He fooled around so much, trying different things on, that he ended up being the 2nd customer that day. He was so disappointed. Ben was a very dear friend and a really good customer (ask Heather). The day after he died, a holster he had ordered was delivered to the shop. That was heartbreaking... 
When he moved over to the D.A.'s office we couldn't do as much for him, since he wasn't in uniform anymore, but he still came around. Often, he would stop by and hang out shooting the breeze. Other times, he would be on his way to the dump or the river and pop his head in just to say "Hi guys!" We are all going to miss that goofy smile. We never saw Ben in a bad mood. His death is a tremendous loss to so many people but especially his wife Heather and their two little girls. Please keep them in prayer for strength and comfort during this difficult time as they grieve the loss of a wonderful husband and daddy.